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Technology Employment Forecast

Winter/Spring 2017

West Michigan Tech Hiring Is Holding Steady

The overall trend for technology hiring in West Michigan is staying steady or slightly up with 52% of our respondents listing a need for IT personnel.  The largest increase is in manufacturing, going from 40% to 60% hiring. Computer consulting, as usual, will be doing the most hiring of tech staff.  There will be little tech hiring in the education/government sector for the next six months.

Although just over a quarter of responding companies are raising IT salaries, three-fourths of these do plan to hire new tech employees. In general, employers are looking for mid-level workers skilled in applications.

Paragon’s chief recruiting officer Beth DeWilde says, “Technology workers seem to feel more confident about looking for new, more challenging positions where they can experience professional growth. Companies are looking for data analysts, programmers, and project managers related to applications development projects using ever-changing technologies.”

Twice each year, since 2003, Paragon Recruiting in Holland, MI, polls senior IT managers in the West Michigan market to estimate what the next six months hold for technology hiring and pay rates. Each forecast includes responses from about 100 companies, with about 80% participating for many years.


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