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Focus Group Discussion – Hand written notes – May 2018

So, my question to you is… What are your thoughts on handwritten notes?  Appreciated?  Old school?  Not necessary?  Stand out?

Here’s what you had to say…

  • Love hand written notes!
  • Hand written notes stand out
  • Nostalgic, and therefore appreciated
  • Much value in sending and receiving
  • They set you apart
  • Show you care, show you didn’t cut and paste and put your heart and thought into it
  • Extra points in my book!
  • Hand written notes convey a personal interest in motivating, appreciating and engaging team members.

“I went back to hand writing thank you notes to staff that do special things, need a bump up or deserve an extra praise”

“I do believe it is the right thing to do after either a candidate or hiring committee takes time out of their day for the opportunity.”  “Lack of any type of thank you note, handwritten or not, is alarming”

“Many people don’t get a ton of mail anymore so hand written cards and gifts show thought.  It should be done more often throughout day to day business life”

“I am more apt to read an unsolicited hand-written letter than I am to read an unsolicited e-mail”

“I made a practice of writing 3 per week”

“Taking the time to physically write a note in this digital age is almost an art, a connection from human to human vs the machines we hold onto all day and typically engage with other humans on”

“This, to me, shows additional effort on the part of the thank”er”.  Unfortunately we live in a world of convenience opposed to taking the time, especially if someone did something for you.”