For Employers

The Paragon Difference

  • We take time up front to find out all the details of your job opening so we can build an accurate job description. This way, you won’t waste time reviewing less-than-qualified candidates.
  • We learn more about your company so we’ll recognize a good fit with your culture and expectations. Working as your partner, we assess corporate style, culture, and policies to help us determine the type of person who will succeed in your organization. The good fit of the candidate is as important as his/her qualifications
  • We review our database, network with our contacts in the industry, and call into companies that have proven to be good sources for qualified candidates. Once you’ve become an established client, we do not approach or represent current employees of your firm.
  • We thoroughly interview our candidates to identify their skill level and career expectations. References are gathered and checked to be considered when qualifying candidates as a fit.
  • Our services continue as we evaluate our candidates and choose the most qualified résumés for your review. We then facilitate interviews and act as liaison during the decision-making and negotiation stages.
  • A part of our service is to provide an on-going recruiting effort for talent that you would always want to be made aware of and then initiating contact when a candidate is found with your specific desired characteristics.
  • Because we are constantly in touch with the technology community, we can help you understand what skills are currently in high demand and their market values.